"A well-researched, supremely absorbing tale that shines a light on the horrors of humanity."

Costco Buyer's Pick for May/June 2018

"Not only is the story moving and deftly told, but the author's use of a second storyline set in late 1970s Argentina, during the Argentine Dirty War, serves to highlight what people are willing to do when they have to fight to survive."

Historical Novel Society Feature

"A sweeping, ambitious story that delves into the realm of tangled emotions, twisted motivations, and the blurred lines between love and lust and right and wrong."

"Ellen Keith handles her intense material with such skill and maturity, you’ll be amazed that this is her debut novel. ... Lushly written and powerfully imagined, The Dutch Wife is the perfect summer read – a poignant yet fast-paced one that you can sink into."

"Ellen Keith has produced a compelling and timely read that reminds us how things can escalate when we begin to demonize people we judge to be different. ... This story with its many thought-provoking themes will stay with me for a long time." - Mary-Jane E.

"This book was absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful in the best way. The characters are imperfect and flawed, and completely human. I loved this book, it was an absolute privilege to read." - Brianne C.

"Keith teaches us that there is always a price to pay for survival. It’s a matter of how far someone is willing to go in order to do so. Filled with emotion with roots in tragedy I highly recommend The Dutch Wife as your next read." - Audrey H. 

"I read this book in two sittings. I could not put it down! It is a very fast paced read. I would recommend this book to anyone, even if you’re not a historical fiction fan or WWII buff." - Whitney C.

"Keith raises important questions about survival, retribution and secrets making it a perfect book club choice. I couldn’t put this one down!!! " - Ashley N.

“Keith carries us confidentially into very dark places. If it is indeed an exercise in self-reflexivity, it is a tightly controlled, well-executed one and Keith can stretch our credulity pretty far…One particularly strong aspect of Keith’s writing lies in her ability to ground readers firmly in bodily descriptors: these are so exquisitely fine-tuned, we can’t help inhabiting her characters and their present concerns.”

"The Dutch Wife, just released last month, is a really marvellous piece of historical fiction, one that sheds light into a piece of the Second World War that doesn’t always make the front pages of other history books..."




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